The Shop during Coronavirus

Opening hours

  • Tuesday to Saturday: open 9am to 5pm 
  • Sunday and Monday: open 9am to 1pm

From Monday 4th July we will be welcoming up to two customers at any time in line with reduced distancing guidelines

Deliveries to those in need

Between 2pm and 4pm on Mondays and Thursdays we take telephone orders from people who are self isolating.  Phone us on 01453 884397.  We will take payment from a debit card. A delivery will be made to your house at around 5pm. 

If you’d like to look at our price list please open the link under “Our Stock” at the bottom of this page.

Our Stock

Our stock changes from time to time. The spreadsheet below shows the items that we have sold recently, so is a reasonable guide to current stock, though not everything will be available all the time. If you need to order by phone, it’s worth checking this to see what we have to offer:

We are reintroducing our loose goods such as milk, washing up liquid etc, and we aim to expand our offerings.