bread  Orders

Did you know that you can make bulk orders through the shop? Leave your requests at the counter and we will make the bulk order from the Essential Trading range our organic and Fairtrade product wholesaler. See what they have available online, or browse the catalogue in the shop.
The shop also takes orders for meat from Adey’s Farm, Hobbs Bread, Milk and dairy as well as newspapers and magazines.


shelvesMade in ChalfordMadeinChalford

A curated selection of locally made art and craft brightens up one corner of the shop where you can support local designer makers and find some great gifts.

Shop Local


Pop into the Shop and see what we have on offer. You will find Hobbs bread delivered fresh six times a week (order your favourite), newspapers, really fresh local eggs (£1.20 for six), Woefuldane milk, delicious local yoghurt, fresh local meat, a wide range of groceries and even a post office service. If you have a special request, do let us know.

The Chalford Village Shop is an asset to the local community. It will only survive if you actually use it.

Shop local and help keep the Chalford Village Shop alive

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